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I have taken the Technician Class Test Question Pool and removed all of the WRONG answers. There are 392 questions in this pool but since the WRONG answers are gone it will be much easier to study and to remember the right answers. There are only 35 questions on the Technician Class Test. It cost $15.00 to take a test. I have included all the links needed to help you study and to help you even take practice test. I have included a link to when and where testing takes place in the Fresno area. These test are usually available about every two months but are also available in others areas as well, (Visalia, Oakhurst, Etc.). If you are interested in taking a test please let me know. I will do my best to help in any way possible, (except take the test for you). Also please note that when you do go to test two forms of identification are required. BRING two ID�s, one with photo. Taxpayer ID Number (Social Security Number), ULS registration Number or FCC Registration Number.

1. Technician Class Test Question Pool in WORD Format

2. Technician Class Test Question Pool in TEXT Format

3. Ham Radio Technician Class Practice Test

4. Ham Radio Test Dates and Locations

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